At Cambridge PS, we pride ourselves on our excellent achievements in literacy and our passion for learning. We, as teachers, work together in Professional Learning Communities to develop our knowledge and skills as leaders of literacy learning. We work in teams to plan our literacy program and then work together to assess the achievements of our students. This constant focus on the learning that is happening in our school allows us to refine our lessons and differentiate the curriculum to meet the needs of every student. Importance is placed on all staff working together to keep abreast of best practice and current research in teaching of literacy.

Our teachers understand what it takes to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the curriculum as 21st Century learners and fully participate and contribute to an ever changing, global community.

Literacy and numeracy are key life skills that enable students to learn and thrive in all curriculum areas. Success in these foundational areas at Cambridge PS will benefit students for the rest of their lives.

The Victorian Curriculum ensures that students are better equipped to deal with our changing world. The curriculum includes a strong focus on the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy, personal and social skills and new areas of learning.



Cambridge PS are proud to offer an ‘Enrichment Program’ for Year 4 to 6 students who achieve outstanding results and demonstrate exceptional ability in English and Mathematics.

Students in the Enrichment Program will undertake a learning program that will differ from mainstream classes and is tailored to accommodate students learning at a higher level. Students will access a curriculum that is suitably paced, intellectually challenging, and future focussed. They will develop skills to assist them with becoming responsible, empathic, and contributing citizens, ready to face and embrace the possibilities and demands of the fast approaching fifth industrial revolution. Student outcomes, assessments, grading, and reporting will be modified to ensure there are suitable opportunities to show evidence of creative, critical, and deeper thinking and learning. Students who have an exemplary work ethic, are organised, diligent, persistent, and motivated are ideal candidates for the Enrichment Program.

Please note: Entry to the program is via an application process that includes english and mathematics assessments, and an interview.

For more information, please contact either Jessica Green or Michelle Meracis through the school office.

Wellbeing and Engagement

Cambridge PS aims to provide a stimulating, supportive and caring environment. The school acknowledges and celebrates individuality by having a positive view of the uniqueness of the learner while focussing on individual growth and the fostering of talents. We are committed to developing highly literate and numerate students; who can think critically, take risks, seize opportunities enthusiastically, are resilient and work collaboratively with others, while at the same time showing respect and care for the rights of others.

Cambridge PS has four values which we expect all our community to model – RESPECT, INTEGRITY, SELF-RESILIENCE and EXCELLENCE. The school implements a diverse range of programs to support student engagement, school attendance and growth mindset. We encourage our students to make strong  links with our local community wherever possible. The school accesses health professionals including speech pathologists and psychologists, together with welfare organisations in an effort to address the wellbeing needs of our families. A whole school approach that focuses on safety, early intervention, prevention and wellbeing is employed and permeates the curriculum and extracurricular programs at the school.

Bravehearts (Prep & Year 1)
Camp Program (Prep – 6)
Cybersafety (Years 2 – 6)
Interschool Sports (Year 6)
Personal Development; Knowing and Growing (Years 5 & 6)
Respectful Relationships
School Nursing program (Wyndham City Council)
Student Leadership (Years 4 – 6)
Breakfast Club
Education and Book Week
Lunchtime clubs
Music Bus

Student Leadership

Cambridge PS has an active student leadership team. It consists of two school captains, two vice captains, eight house captains and a team of Junior School Councillors who are nominated by their peers from across Years 4, 5 and 6. In total the student leadership team has twenty-four students.

Junior School Councillors work with nominated staff members to implement school improvement projects and raise awareness of various social justice projects. They develop leadership skills to become responsible role models.

Our student leadership team is led by our School Captains and Vice Captains from Year 6. At the end of Year 5, students prepare and present a speech to their peers, Principal and Assistant Principal explaining how they can represent their peers and school community and contribute to the achievement of our school’s vision, mission, values and goals.

The School Captains at Cambridge PS work collaboratively with the Principal and Assistant Principals to conduct the weekly school assembly and play an important role in representing the school community at events such as Enrolment Week, Prep Transition and School Council.

1:1 BYOD Apple iPad

Cambridge PS operates a 1:1 BYOD Apple iPad program (established in 2013) with student participation encouraged for Years 1-6.

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